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7:00am Alarm Clock

Q: I heard about different business hours. What’s the new schedule?
A: We are open 7 am to 6 pm Monday and Wednesday, 7 am to 8 pm Tuesday and Thursday

Q: Why did you change your schedule?

A: Clients have been asking for earlier and later availability to make it easier to get pets to us around their work schedules. The extended hours also adds several appointment slots per week compared with the former hours, allowing shorter wait times to be seen. As an added benefit, the new schedule allows a better staff:pet ratio, giving pets more personalized, individual attention.

Q: I’m worried about my pet’s medication refill or prescription diet refill.
A: We have introduced a MEDICATION REFILL REQUEST link on the website, which allows you to request refills any time, day or night. Requests for regularly stocked items placed on the weekend before 6 pm Sunday night will be ready for pickup by 1 pm Monday!

Q: What if I need to contact you when you are closed on Fridays or Saturdays?
A: In response to your feedback, we will be checking our voice messages regularly on Fridays and Saturdays. Messages left on our answering machine (803-731-9200) will be checked at 10am, 2pm, and 5pm on Fridays, and at 10 am and 2 pm on Saturdays. If you indicate that you would like a call back, one of our staff members will contact you at the number you specify. For urgent pet health emergencies after hours, please call South Carolina Veterinary Emergency Care at 803-561-0015.

Q: What does my pet experience if I take advantage of the “DROP OFF” appointment option?
A: Your pet will have a dedicated technician taking care of him or her throughout the stay. This technician will assume the primary contact role with you, and will keep you up to date with anticipated discharge time and personalized photo “pupdates” throughout the day 🙂 Dr. Cuttino will examine your pet, and you will have the opportunity to discuss your pet’s case with her either by phone or in person. Classical music provides a calming environment for our day patients. Our full time hospital assistant makes sure that each pet gets water, bedding, regular potty breaks and walks as appropriate (or litter boxes and hide-a-boxes for our feline friends). While our day patients are welcome to stay with us until late in the day, we will make every effort to have them ready for pick up as soon as possible.

Q: Will your hours remain like this permanently?
A: We have made this change in response to our clients’ needs. At this time, we expect this extended weekday schedule to be a long-term solution. When we have the opportunity to expand in the future, it will be a top priority to add weekend availability.

Q: I want to leave feedback or suggestions! How do I let you know?
A: Contact us! you can send a message to us through our contact form below.

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