Emergency Care

Seven Oaks Animal Hospital is available for emergency pet care during our regular office hours. After hours emergencies are referred to South Carolina Veterinary Emergency Care . The current phone number is 803-561-0015

Physical & Integrative Medicine

Acupuncture and other physical medicine modalities are the new standard of care at Seven Oaks Animal Hospital.  Physical medicine includes the diagnostic myofascial exam, acupuncture, electrostimulation, massage, laser (coming soon), and physical rehabilitation counseling.  Click here to learn more about medical acupuncture in particular.

Wellness Visits

Regular physical examinations are a crucial part of pet ownership. This examination is valuable both to your pet and to you. Problems can be discovered during the exam even in apparently healthy animals. We also use this time to make recommendations for any treatment and preventive health care procedures, such as vaccinations. For the best health of your pet, we recommend twice yearly exams.  At each exam, Dr. Cuttino will discuss current concerns with you, perform a complete nose-to-tail physical, and review findings and recommendations.

  • Routine blood and fecal parasite evaluations.
  • Wide range of testing for heartworms, feline leukemia, tick-borne disease, etc.
  • Complete vaccination protocols customized to risks encountered in Columbia, SC, including titer testing.
  • Consultation and referral to local specialists available if needed.

Pet Pharmacy

Our well stocked in-hospital pharmacy allows us to get the medications your pet needs fast so you can start your pet’s treatment right away!

  • Prescription medications, antibiotics, and supplements to improve comfort and quality of life
  • Prescription diets for those with special dietary needs.   We carry Royal Canin Veterinary Diets, Hills Veterinary Diets, and select product from Purina Veterinary Diets.
  • Preventatives for life-threatening parasites such as heartworms, fleas, and ticks

We can also send your frequently re-ordered products directly to your doorstep through our home delivery service.  If you choose automatic shipments, there is no shipping fee for your preventive care medications!

*Please note that by South Carolina law, we must have a current veterinary-client-pet relationship in order to prescribe and dispense medications for your pet.  If it has been more than a year since Dr. Cuttino has examined your pet, please contact us here or call 803-731-9200 to schedule an appointment.

Surgical Services

  • Broad spectrum of general and select orthopedic capabilities.
  • Patient-specific, tailored anesthetic protocols using the state-of-the-art protocols for the utmost patient safety
  • State-of-the-art monitoring equipment and ongoing staff training.  Your pet’s anesthesia will be monitored using the same standards as you would receive in a current human O.R.
  • Every anesthetic patient has a minimum of two dedicated staff members for monitoring and surgical preparation at their side at all times, for all procedures, from induction through recovery, without exception.
  • Gas anesthesia standards.
  • Patient pain addressed for all surgical procedures, according to the latest guidance of the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management.
  • Complete sterile instrumentation and protective clothing.
  • Heat support provided during and after anesthetic procedures to aid in patient recovery.
  • Follow-up care.
  • Referral to board-certified orthopedic and soft tissue specialists is available if necessary.

Hospitalization Facilities

Hospitalization facilities are available for intensive care and isolation.  Isolation ward is complete with video and sound monitoring.

Behavioral Counseling

Well behaved pets make for a happy, healthy, life-long relationship between you and your pet.  We advocate the use of humane, scientifically supported techniques in behavior training to enrich your relationship with your pet.

  • Abnormal behavior consultation
  • Support throughout development
  • Feline behavior management techniques
  • Please also feel free to call and set up an appointment for behavior counseling!


With great diagnostic devices, we are able to quickly and accurately assess your pet’s health and make the proper recommendations.  Some examples of what diagnostics are available:

  • Radiology
  • In-house laboratory
  • Heartworm testing
  • Feline viral testing
  • Serum allergy testing
  • Parasite analysis
  • Urinalysis
  • Ultrasound
  • Complete blood work, including electrolytes and coagulation panels
  • Endocrine testing for metabolic diseases
  • OFA capable technique

Referral Services

Sometimes, the doctor may recommend that your pet have a referral. They include:

  • Surgical Referral
  • Dermatology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Cardiology
  • Oncology
  • Internal Medicine